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Made Beauty Minks

25 mm wispy mink eyelashes 10 different looks for the everyday Beauty

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Made Beauty Fashions

Looking for a specific beauty item to help you get ready for a night out on the town, or even just a casual day out? Beauty By Bre is an up and coming brand, offering a generous array of clothing you need to get some heads turning at your next event. 


Beauty By Bre

Beauty By Bre has been providing clients with top of the line services for 5 plus years... Now we are providing clients with the opportunity  to book online and view necessary guidelines  so that there are no issues with booking and appointment times. Check out our shop to start feeling the Beauty By Bre difference.


Bai & Bre Mommie and me collab

Beauty By Bre is doing a Mommie and me Collab With Bailey and Brielle and they are so excited to join the team they are going to start off with the launch of there Mommie and me bling shades!!!